Friday, July 24, 2015

Setting Up Planners With Happie Scrappie Planner Kit

Hello! This is Ruthie and I instagram over at @threadofhearts. Today I will share with you some of my favorites from the HappieScrappie Planner Kit and how I incorporate these goodies in my planner. 

I tend to use only one planner for all my needs, but most recently I set-up a mini filofax as my wallet and to carry some of my to-do lists.  If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I tend to switch out planners often.  I love that binder systems allow for that kind of versatility.  In my personal sized planner I carry my monthly view, weekly view, and most recently a daily insert.   One of the features that I love most about the Happiescrappie kits is that it includes exclusive items such as inserts, notepad papers, stickers and journaling cards created by Sam.  I love that the kits revolve around a theme which makes it easy to create cute set-ups in my planner.   Using some of the inserts included in the kit, I created daily inserts to suit my needs.  I used the stickers to create a date slot and the round dot stickers as a checklist.  I included a bit of washi and cut out a portion of the notepad list to create a smaller sticky note.  I love how colorful and “happy” the insert looks-and it’s functional too!

For my dashboard I used one of the inserts in the kit and laminated it.  I currently use it to keep some of my favorite sticky notes on hand.  Since it is laminated it can also be used as a dry erase sheet for to-do’s or other lists.  It is an easy and fun project for your planner.

I mentioned earlier that I recently set-up a mini filofax as my wallet.  I noticed a mini size is not a size commonly used, and I found it almost impossible to find cute inserts for it.  I took to the kit and created my own using the same concept as with the daily inserts for my personal size.  Except this time, I trimmed down the sheets in the notepad to fit in the mini filofax.  I used the stickers to create a checklist and voila cute inserts! The same can be done for a pocket size planner and no trimming is needed-they fit perfect.

I’m hoping this post has inspired you to use the Happiescrappie kit in different ways with your various planners.  Have a fanstastic rest of the week.  “Happie” planning friends!




Things that I used in this post. 

Happie Scrappie Inserts

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