Thursday, August 6, 2015

Happie Planning/Tracking Exercise And Meals

Hello, everyone! It is Wan (aka wansplansandexplorations on IG) back again. In today’s post, I am going to show you how I use July’s fauxdori planner kit to plan/track my exercise and meals (as well as some household shopping). 

As I have mentioned in my last post, I am gearing up for a house move. I know, from previous experience, that I tend to neglect my health when I am busy. Hence, I decided to start an insert to keep track of and plan my exercise as well as my meals. This month’s fauxdori insert in the planner kit was perfect because it was blank, which meant that I could customise it completely to suit my needs.

First, I laid down stickers included in the kit to mark the seven days of the week.  I wanted to keep the entire week on one page, so I divided the page into two with thin washi and laid the stickers such that Monday to Saturday were in one column, and Sunday was in the second column, next to Saturday. I chose this layout as I did not need as much space on the weekends. This is because I don’t usually engage in any specific exercise during the weekends (being family time and all), so I just needed space to track/plan my meals and my Fitbit steps. 

Once the stickers were laid down, I stamped in the days of the week using the set “Brush Dates” from Studiol2e.

Now that I have divided the page into various days, it was time to start stamping in what I have planned for and/or wanted to track each day. I started by stamping in “lunch” and “dinner” in the second column (both words are from “Plan to Eat” from Sweet Stamp Shop). I did not include “breakfast” because breakfast is essentially a green smoothie every day, and with it being unchanging, I didn’t think it was worth tracking or planning for.

I then moved to the first column and used stamps from Plan Fitness (Sweet Stamp Shop) to stamp in the exercise I have planned for the day, as well as a sneaker shoe to track my Fitbit steps.

Once that was done, this page was complete. This is really all I want to plan for/track in terms of exercise and meals for the week, as I usually do the rest of my meal planning in my Paprika App on my iPhone. Based on the meals I have planned for the week, I use the app to compile a list of groceries I need to buy, so I don’t usually write those down. However, I have found that as I go through the week, I would find bits and pieces that I would need around the house, so I decided to use the opposite page as a landing page for these odds and ends that, usually, would not end up on the list in my app (items such as toilet paper and toothpaste, i.e. essentially anything that is not food related). I stamped a grocery cart and the words “Don’t forget” (both from the set “Daily Kawaii” from Mommylhey) on a notepad page from a previous month’s planner kit and then taped the page down with washi tape on the opposite page. 

This system works for me as I always double check what meals I have planned before leaving for the grocery store to make sure that the grocery list in my app is correct and complete. If there is anything on the notepad, I just grab it too, and take it along. 

This is it from me for today. As you can see from this last picture, the two pages I have customised allow me to easily plan/track my exercise and meals (and coordinate the shopping while I am at it!).

I hope this has given you some ideas on what you can do with your Happiescrappie planner kit. Please do tag us when you post your ideas on IG as we would love to have a peek. And finally, happie planning!


Products that I used in this post.

Happie Scrappie Travel Notebook
Happie Scrappie Notepad
Washi Tapes

Binder Clips


  1. When can I order the next kit?! I'm so excited for it!

  2. Love this!! I have been wanting to track fitness, and this is a great idea. Looks great:)


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