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Planner | My First Cocoa Daisy Day Planner Kit

Hello hello, have you seen this? As some of you may have seen this happie news that me & Candi are now DAISY GIRLS! what daisy girlS? We are now on Cocoa Daisy Day Planner team! Woo Hoo! I remember I was doing a happy dance in a taxi when I saw the email that Christine sent to me. Since I haven't been scrapping much lately (I still do occasionally), being on a planner kit design team is truly one of the most awesome thing on earth!

Okay, so this blog post is about unboxing my very FIRST Day Planner kit from Cocoa Daisy. I took a lot of photos of the kit because I want to show you more details about this awesome planner kit which you could get it from here. October kit is already sold out so stay tuned for the November kit! 

I waited a day to open the box... because I wanted to take detailed photos of me unboxing this and show y'all. 

Who doesn't love a happy mail day? Just a lame photo to show off my manicure hehehe.

The planner pages / inserts are in the kraft bag while the rest like roller stamp, washi tapes, planner charms and assorted journal cards are kept in the mini muslin bag.

Here's a pic of the full kit. I received the A5 pages and Personal sized pages in the box because I want to use Personal sized for my personal stuff and the A5 sized planner for my work-related stuff. Don't you just love the watercolor splatter on the page? Since the inserts are more on the peachy-pink tone so its not difficult to guess which planners that I am gonna use in the month of October ;)

The kit includes:
  • 32 double sided daily to do pages
  • 4 double sided week in review pages
  • 1 double sided October tab page
  • 1 3x5 45 page note pad
  • Little B pink stripe washi tape
  • 1 large shipping tag with sticky notes (note pads are assorted and may not be the same as pictured - but will coordinate with kit)
  • 1 Exclusive Planner Charm - button design by Panda Eight
  • 1 Micron Pen in orange
  • 2 Paper clip flags
  • 1 Freckled Fawn Pink Arrow clip
  • Shimelle Date Stamp
  • 10 Me and My Big Ideas Journal Cards (cards are assorted and may not be the same as pictured)
  • 2 gold stenciled mini shipping tags 

You could also specify if you would like 6 or 7 hole punched planner pages. or I have even read someone commented n Instagram and would her pages to be without holes. 
  • 6 Hole punched pages fit most Kikki K. and Filofax planners. 
  • 7 Hole punched pages fit most Day Timer planners
Flat rate shipping is as follows:
  • Domestic - $6.00
  • Canada - $9.00
  • International - $14.00
I am using the A5 sized planner in Pastel Pink (from my shop here) and my unicorn Filofax Finsbury in pink. Pink on pink on pink is just perfect for October since it is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Love this exclusive Planner Charm - button design by Panda Eight Designs. I am a sucker for planner charms and have different charms for each and every planner.

More photos of the full kit + personal sized inserts in my Pink Finny. Oh well, you do not need to have an expensive planner to start organizing your days / schedule. But these pretty inserts will definitely make planning your days more enjoying. I love to have a month tab divider as this is my first time having a monthly tab instead of my usual to-dos, shopping list, assignments etc. I am gonna laminate the October tab page to make it sturdier.

The October tabbed page is double sided - Front is some cute calligraphy while the back is the calendar. So practical, isn't it?

The ombre effect weekly pages. I am gonna use this to plan personal schedule like when and where for my daily errands. I totally need this since I have about 3 hours in between dropping Ivan off at his Montessori and  picking him up after class. This week-on-1-page is just nice and not too overwhelming as this is just to plan my trip / daily errands. 

The back of the weekly page is a simple grid page that I could write more details / weekly to-do here. 

Here's the double sided daily To-do pages. You started off with the Daily To-Do section (which will be the top priority of your To-Dos) then follow by call/schedule section. I don't really have to make phone calls since one of my main daily task is to reply emails / comments. So I am considering changing this section to emails section. There are times that I checked my emails on my iPhone and had totally forgotten to reply them when I get on my computer. I am trying to avoid reply emails via phone as much as possible as i would prefer to reply emails either formally / less typo / more details.

And the cute hydration tracker totally motivates me to start tracking my water intake ;) Thinking of using different colors for different type of beverages / drinks that I consume daily. 

The other side of the daily pages have 15 minute pick up, Thankful for, dinner, purchases and before bed. I was so inspired by the way The Organised Nest organizes her daily task and break them down into chunks of under 5 minutes /10-15 minutes /15-30 minutes. Remember to watch her youtube channel for more info. I can never break down my task as detail as her so this quick check list for jotting task that are under 15 minutes is just awesome. Things I could put in here would be: Printing shop invoices / order,  pay bills or send emails. I am putting high hope on this so I would be better in time management ;P 

Another idea for thankful for section - I am thinking of making a mini album to journal / count my blessings. So I would use this to jot down my happy moments or things to be thankful for. And will refer to this section whenever I have time to work on my mini book. 

The before bed section - would be things that I want to do with Ivan. Since he just started his pre-montesorri today and we are working on adjusting his daily routine, so this would include activities to do / books to read before his bed time. And also quick to-do before I go to bed. 

Here's a peek into my A5 sized planner in Pastel Pink. The kit includes a Pigma Micron pen in Orange which I will show you the pen swatch next time. Pigma Micro is one my favorite pen that I use for journalling in my scrapbook pages and use it for drawing. They are water-proof, archival quality and doesn't bleed through papers.

I love the memo pad that is included in the kit and I want to keep it on the side pocket so that I could doodle some random notes.

The pages for the A5 kit and Personal sized kit are almost identical just that the daily pages are different. It has : Must-do, to do, call & schedule section since A5 sized inserts are roomier. I  like that with the must-do section I could prioritize the important task easily. Thinking of using the schedule to plan my work flow. I normally don't work accordingly to time table since I work alone and work from home. Now that I have extra help from some girlies to unpack and pack kits, so setting a work schedule and stick to it would be much helpful.

The other page of the daily to-do would be: 15 minute pick up, dinner, notes & ideas, before bed, thankful for and purchases. Notes & ideas is such an awesome section that I would either jot down ideas that I have for my shop / happie planner kit / blog post / video. I am gonna keep blog or video schedule in my work binder instead of my personal planner.

IT's already 30th of September now... which means one more day till I could start using these inserts! Will definitely make a blog post / video to update y'all on how I use them ;) Don't you just love looking at planner pages that have been filled up with handwriting and doodling?

Thanks for reading such a long blog post ;)


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