Monday, September 28, 2015

What Do I Do With All of These Journaling Cards?

Hi Happie Scrappie girls! It’s Teddi Confetti here with a blog post using the super duper gorgeous August makeup themed Happie Scrappie kit!
This month I wanted to show you one way that you can use those gorgeous custom designed 3x4 cards that are often included in the happie planner kits!
I don’t know about you guys, but I have quite a few of these little cards in my life!  I really love all the gorgeous designs and sayings, but I sometimes struggle to find uses for them all. 
This month I decided to take my favorite cards and fussy cut around the designs to create ephemera pieces that I used to decorate my planner. 
This was a semi-painful process for me at first because cutting out the design on one side will usually ruin the design on the opposite side.  I reminded myself that if I didn’t find a use for these pretty cards they would go to waste anyway, so I mustered up the courage and started clipping out the cute little designs.
Even though it was a little painful at first to cut up those gorgeous cards, I was really really happy with how it all turned out!
I actually even clipped some of the cute designs from the packaging to use as ephemera pieces.  I loved the little perfume bottles from the perfume sticker packaging!
I also clipped out the little stamp that Sam adds to the paper bag that the whole kit comes in and added it to my page, and snipped the little flowers off the top of a few of the stick markers to use as a bit of added decoration!
I included this page marker that I “made” by simply hole punching the marker using my arc planner style punch.  I laid the unpunched page marker in my planner along side the rings with a bit sticking out the top.  I then put a little dot where the first hole should be and punched!  Now I can easily find my current week! The marker is made from lovely heavy-duty card stock, so there’s no need to laminate (unless you really want to)!
Last but not least I hung the little high heel charm from the happy planner rings.  The perfect finishing touch!
Thanks so very much for taking the time to read!  Feel free to tag me if you guys decide to clip out the cute designs from your happie planner kit cards! I would love love love to see what you create!! 

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  1. Such a good idea, journalling cards are adorable =]

  2. Great ideas, thanks Teddi and Sam :)

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