Monday, October 12, 2015

Project Management ‘Monster Style’

Hi, it is Wan on the blog today, and I will be showing you how I used my fauxdori insert from the October Happiescrappie kit to help me manage my design/creative team projects.

I am not the most organised person in the world, so I find myself scrambling to meet deadlines simply because there are times when I would mix up the dates, etc. I know things have to change and I was trying to work out how I could design a layout to coordinate everything when my Happiescrappie fauxdori planner kit arrived. The moment I laid eyes on the pages of the fauxdori insert, I KNEW that it would be just perfect for my project management in terms of the work I do for the creative/design teams.

This fauxdori insert is slightly different from the other ones I have received so far in that the pages are not all the same, which makes it easy to keep things interesting. It also gives you an opportunity to get super creative with layouts - win-win! After looking through the different pages, I thought the pages would work well in groups of 2 and 3 for my purpose, so that was how I planned my layouts. 

First up in the insert is the set of 2 pages that I have allocated to the month of October. As I needed three sections, I used washi tape to tape a journaling card from a previous month’s kit to one of the pages. I then stamped a heading using a picture icon and the word ‘ideas’ so that I have a place to use as a brain dump for the ideas I have for the month.

I then moved to the opposite page and labelled the little sweet post-it illustrations with stamps for the smaller projects I undertake as part of my creative/designer team work. As these are usually photos, I used a cute Instagram logo followed by a number because I usually have a target number I would like to hit (other than that required), and labelling them that way will keep me straight on where I am up to in that month.
Now that all the stamping for this set of pages had been done, I moved back to the page that I have attached the journaling card to and used stickers to demarcate the three bigger projects I usually have for the two teams before filling in the necessary information. With the due dates as well as the steps required to complete the tasks all written down, it would be so much easier for me to keep on top of things.
With that done, the layout for these 2 pages is complete and I can now easily track where I am in terms of all my creative/designer team projects for the month of October.
Next up is the layout I designed for the set of 3 pages for the month of November. As one of the pages has a blank space perfect for the brain dump, I did not use a journaling card as for the first set of pages, but just used the same stamps I used for the heading of the journaling card to label the space.
I then used stickers on the opposite page to mark out the three projects just like what I did for the first set of pages.
As for the third page, it has little squares that gives the page a similar feel to the page with the post-it illustrations, so I just went with the flow and used the page in exactly the same way as I have used the post-it illustrations. As you can see from the attached picture, I labelled the squares with the same stamps that I used for the post-it illustrations.
After stamping in the headings for the squares, this set of pages is now all ready to be used for my projects in November. As a side note, although I am currently using this insert for project management in terms of my creative/design team work, I think this kind of layout would work too, with some adaptation (like different headings), for any kind of project management (project life, gardening, paper crafting, etc).

And this is it from me for today. I hope that this post has given you some ideas on how you can use your fauxdori planner kit. Have fun and Happie planning! 

~ Wan

Things that I used in this post
Monster Theme Fauxdori Inserts
Forest Critters Label Stickers
Heart Checklist Stickers

Popsicle Summer Journaling Cards


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